Project Description

QA/QC Inspection

APEX-FI aim for the highest quality and construction of new industrial facilities in order to achievetheir strategical goals of the Clients. Throughout the process, projects must comply with local and international regulations during the construction or revision of assets, while ensuring that human and environmental safety are maintained against a background of cost control. In-depth expertise, experience and the knowledge of relevant legislation, within a wide range of QA/QC industrial sectors such as welding, civil, electrical, lifting engineering and NDT Level ||| techniques are required.APEX-FI approach to ensuring the optimal performance of an asset involves the total activity flow of a project. APEX-FI consultancy service supports a wide variety of new construction projects through the delivery of key inspection services and provides opportunities to enhance the ongoing integrity of client assets. We deliver tailored consultancy activities to enhance asset integrity management during the design and engineering phase of any new asset and we assist in the achievement of optimum project integrity right from the start. QA/QC services are provided to deliver job-specific inspection and NDT procedures, along with specific and appropriate personnel certification.

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