Project Description

Visual Inspection – API 653 & EMMUA Silver wing 3D MFL Floor Surveys of Tank Floor BottomsShort Range UT eddyfi lyft tank floor probe for evaluation of Annular Plates & PAUT and TOFD for Weld Inspection SLOFEC Technique for thick bottom inspection through coating and lining.
Acoustic Emission of online monitoring of tank bottoms Surface Inspections through Coatings
Coating Inspections.

  • Visual Inspection using expert API 570 inspectors
  • Thickness Measurement through coatings – Detection of thinning in elbows through Profile RT using RT, DRT
  • Corrosion under pipe supports using SRUT
  • Inspection above insulation using Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC)
  • Corrosion mapping using PAUT
  • Above/underground Pipeline thinning detection using LRUT.
  • Weld inspection using PAUT and TOFD
  • Weld inspection of Pipeline with high production rate using AUT.
  • Visual Inspection As per API 573 by API 510 expert Inspectors
  • Low profile PAUT Scanner and RT for weld inspection
  • EMAT for detection of wall loss, hydrogen damage and caustic gauging in boiler tubes.
  • Metallographic and Replica testing for damage assessment and fracture analysis

Visual Inspection by API 510 Inspectors
Video scope for Remote Visual Inspection
Hydro testing for leak detection
MFL on ferromagnetic tubes with high sensitivity to pitting
IRIS on ferromagnetic tubes with very high sensitivity to wall loss
RFT/RFA on ferromagnetic tubes and high sensitivity to wall loss
NFT/NFA on ferromagnetic tubes with moderate sensitivity to detect cracking
Eddy current/ Eddy current Array testing for inspection non-ferromagnetic material with high
sensitivity to all kinds of flaws.

Visual Inspection and Assessment using API 510 Expert inspectors.
Lining inspection using API 936 Expert Inspectors.
Thermographic Testing for online monitoring of Insulation and lining condition.
Crack accurate sizing for FFS purposes using PAUT and TOFD.
ACFM for detection very sensitive surface breaking flaws with high POD and Low false calls.
Visible and Fluorescent DPT/MPT through welds for surface crack detection.