Our History

APEX-FI was created by professionals who are highly experienced, well trained, exposed to almost all new in order to provide a good, fast, efficient service . APEX-FI hold independent inspection qualifications among the team conforming to most international qualification standards related to service that we offer as per following . ASNT, SNT-TC-1A, CP-189 and ISO9712 standard (PCN and NDT CSWIP), levels II and III in all methods for NDT services .
API standards, 510,570,653,571,580 for in-service inspection . WI-CSWIP, CWI, CSWIP-BGAS, NACE, etc. for other Third-party inspection services and Rope Accesses Service.

Ensure that the company’s principles “Ethics, Integrity, Professionalism and Sustainability” are shared among all business partners, managers, employees and consultants.

Our mission is to define the meaning of quality as a basic need in the industrial field, to deliver the best service for our customer and our customer satisfaction.

Our principal objective is to provide customers with quality products and professional services that:

  • Satisfying their needs, Delivered on time and within budget, Value for money, through exceptional personal service, meeting or exceeding their expectations.
  • We achieve this through a structured continuous improvement program that ensures the quality of our products and services, and helps to reduce costs and develop our staff skills. Management team is committed to the principles of continuous improvement and to the successful implementation of the quality system.
  • All employees are committed to the quality system and are aware of its benefits to customer satisfaction, internal processes and the goals and objectives of apex-fi

APEX-FI Values

Core Values

• We take all measures to fight bribery, corruptions, harassments,
Intimidations, bullying
• We abide by local laws, follow work procedure and Meet HSE Rules.
• We do only we know and we are capable to do.
• We do it right or not at all.

• Everyone should hold themselves a part and above any conflict of interest
• We Never discriminate on basic of race, Color, national origin, gender,
religion, or age
• Everyone is obligated safeguard the private and confidential nature of the
information acquired as part of his/her work duties, and to comply with

• We obligated to deliver all our service neutrally and unbiasedly
• We obligated to maintain our self-esteem by maintaining our values
• We believe that the confidence in our service is the most crucial for an
excellent reputation.

• We never lower our standards for anyone and we treat others the way we
want be treated.
• We believe that our Plans to protect air and water, are in fact plans to
protect ourselves.
• We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and
prosperity for our community.

• We believe that the innovation is the only pathway to cope with the rapid
world change.
• We believe that Education is the best investment ever for individual,
companies, societies and nations
• We believe that creative ideas are shortest way to excellence

• Everyone should keep their eyes on our vision as it is the highest motivation
to achieve superiority
• We are obligated to invest heavily in expert people as we believe that the
expertise is the primary key to lead the industry
• We are obligated to work diligently in order to boost the competences of
our employees, managers through team development, personal growth,
accelerated learning and training sessions

Team success factors

Employees are dedicated to their work and take full responsibility for
their duties. They make well-thought-out decisions that lead to the right
changes for the right reasons. Employees care about the company and
the constituents it serves, and always act in the best interest of all
players involved.

Through collaboration we multiply our contribution. Together, we are
stronger and can contribute more. Shared goals and mutual support lead
to greater success than isolated work and individual focus.

Knowledge sharing enables a company to learn from mistakes and keep
their employees empowered and engaged to the company.

Displays of ego risk undermining anything you achieve by following the
other team values
• Force yourself not to act to impress but to act out of values
• Never seek compliments from the team
• Never complain about your lot to the team
• Praise people as much in their absence as in their presence
• No matter how hard you work, don’t seek or reward a macho hours
• Acknowledge and learn from failure

n a collective ownership model, people are responsible for their part of
the project and the entire team is responsible for the project success. If
each person does their part, the project will be successful. To avoid
challenges, team members must commit to deliver and agree to work
together to keep the project on track.

every different point of view could be an opportunity to learn
something. Listening shows that you value the other person and that
you are open to the possibility of change.

the bottom line of all our acts is APEXFI core values

team gain strength from diversity, we should respect other’s cultures,
belongs, believes, viewpoints

Our curiosity sparks an endless appetite for learning. We can always be
better. We are always pursuing growth on all levels and fronts. Feeling
of saturation of learning or experience is harmful to people and

loving what we do will create a great passion to achieve goals, develop
and excellence.